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  • Product: Market, Apartments Management System
  • Category: Software
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Product Description

Market, Apartment Sells management:-
Create Customer Database 
Update Customer Database
Edit Customer Database
Sells Shop/ Apartment
Sells Bill Collection By Cash
Sells Bill Collection By Check

Market, Apartment Sells Report:-
Individual Customer Report
Customer Sells Report
Customer Bill Collection Report 
Customer Ledger  Report
Monthly Bill Collection Report
Yearly Bill Collection Report
Date to Date Bill Collection Report 

Apartment Rent Management:-
Crete Customer Database
Update Customer Database
Edit Customer Database
Rent Shop
Rent Bill Collection  By Cash
Rent Bill Collection By Check

Market, Apartment Rent Report:-
Individual Customer Report
Customer  Rent  Report
Rent  Collection Report 
Customer Ledger  Report
Monthly Rent Collection Report
Yearly Rent Collection Report
Date to Date Rent Collection Report

Payment Management:-
Crete Payment Category
Create Payment Sub Category  
Categories Wise payment
Payment Ledger
Payment By Cash
Payment By Check 
Payment Report
Daily Payment Report
Weekly Payment
Monthly Payment Report
Yearly  Payment Report 
Date to Date  payment report

Received Management:-
Crete Received Category
Create Received Sub Category 
Categories Wise Received
Received Ledger
Received By Cash
Received By Check
Received Report
Daily Received Report
Weekly Received
Monthly Received Report
Yearly  Received Report 
Date to Date  Received report

Account Management:-
Sells Transaction
Rent Transaction
Payment Transaction
Received Transaction
Banking System 
Cash To Bank Transfer 
Bank to Bank Transfer
Bank To Cash Transfer
Billing System
Individual Invoice

Accounts Report:-
Daily Income Report
Weekly Income Report
Monthly Income Report
Yearly Income Report
Date to Date Income Report
Daily Expense Report
Weekly Expense Report
Monthly Expense Report
Yearly Expense Report
Date to Date Expense Report
Daily Cash Report
Weekly Cash Report
Monthly Cash Report
Yearly Cash Report
Date To Date Cash Report
Daily Bank  Statement Report
Weekly Bank  Statement Report
Monthly Bank Statement Report
Date To Date Statement Report

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