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School Management Software


What is HostSchool

The SmartSchool school management system is a set of computer instructions meant to help schools manage their day-to-day administrative responsibilities. The school management system enables schools to keep track of their daily activities while also working all of their resources and information on a single platform. In the present day, most schools use a school management system to improve efficiency and productivity, therefore saving a significant amount of time spent on administrative tasks. This method also alleviates the stress of managing large amounts of data from schools.

Who is for HostSchool

SmartSchool School Management System is an information management system used by educational institutions to handle their students’ information. It includes class registration, grade documentation, analytical marks for each student, and other assessment components. Schools, colleges, universities, and Educational Institutions use the school management system.


The SmartSchool web-based school management software will give an accurate user experience. It can conveniently handle school operations, and With your web-based system, you’ll need to install various plugins and apps. Web-based management solutions are available at any time. It works with a variety of browsers and devices. You may safely access all of the information saved in one location without fear.

Manageable Informative Dashboard

SmartSchool provides a handleable informative dashboard. The dashboard includes the navigation bar at one side and school information on top. All the notice, news, school events can also be shared on dashboard with all the users..

Student Admission

The student admission system involves unlimited student information adding in the fastest way through a bulk data entry system. Adding manually or excel sheet upload systems are also available. The student’s profile can be viewed, edited, updated or deleted accordingly

Teacher Management

Unlimited number of teacher profiles can be created by the create teacher option on the right top. The teacher profile can be later on handled by the admin panel as per need.

Permission Assigning

Permission to data access can be controlled by the admin. The user can see or access only the information that they are given permission to. Permission to each teacher’s access to specific class info (or parents permission to track specific student’s activity!) can be specified by the authority.

Printability to documents

Attendance information, fees invoices can be printed from the user ends which makes the school’s administrative work more efficient and justified for both authority and parents.

Exam Management

All the pre exam related tasks starting from syllabus generating to grading system can be handled online and can be shared with the student and parents for better understanding of the test.